Holiday run-down


Ever since our digital camera blew up there have literally been a gazillion things that I have wanted to take a picture of. Must. Replace. Soon. Otherwise, I can’t share any more pictures of our adorable bunnies and after categorizing the vast majority of posts I have realized that this blog is light on rabbits. I’m on it!

We had a really good Christmas and a really laid back New Year’s. Not at all stressful like I had feared. In fact, New Year’s Even was so laid back that we hardly did a thing and stayed in our sweats the entire day. This is the first New Year’s Eve in a decade that I/we haven’t gone to a party and I must admit it was great. We did manage to watch 3 movies in a row and eat 3 servings of spinach artichoke dip each, which resulted in motivating us yesterday to try an exercise video, which resulted in me pulling my hamstring about 10 minutes in (to the warm-up).

I received quite a few books for Christmas this year in addition to the stack I bought myself so it is likely that exercising is going to take a back seat to curling up in a chair with the cat and a good book. The present that most amused me was from my parents, who knowing full well my distinct dislike for Viburnums gave me a CD encyclopedia of classic Viburnums. The joke is on them because I spent half an hour today looking through it and I actually liked it. Just because I have a personal distaste for the plant doesn’t mean that they aren’t incredibly useful in some situations (as long as it isn’t my yard) and I am sure I will get a lot of use from the CD. So, HA!

For those of us back at it already, well, it sucks huh? For the rest of you, I hope you are enjoying the break!


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  1. This is my second attempt at a comment this morning. You can thank your mother for your amusing gift. Now you can further advise s on appropriate plants for our yard. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention another special gift. May be after you get your camera and publish the bunnies photos you will be able to publish a photo of the Christmas bunny in a special place in your yard!!!!Happy Anniversary!!!

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