21st century, here we come


We need to replace that darn camera, stat. I have thought of a million things that we NEED to take pictures of and can’t, because we have no digital. It is true that we do still own a very nice film camera- a Canon EOS Rebel to be specific, but the thought of have to go to all of the work to find film, load it, take it for developing, pick it up-well, obviously that is out of the question. How did anyone survive before digital?

We also quite recently made the decision to make the giant lead to cable internet. We have resisted the urge for 3 years but just couldn’t hold out any longer. Let me assure you that there are very few internet sites out there on the world wide web that are still geared towards dial-up.

In addition, there have been whisperings around the house about replacing the enourmous behemoth of a computer that we have lugged around from my studio days. My only hang up is the fact that we are likely still paying the thing off, but it is nearly as big as our oven and makes awful grinding noises whenever you try and open anything. Craig feels another crash is a certainty so for now we use it mostly for solitare and minesweeper.

So, if anyone has been aquiring great new tech gadgets or electronics that you think we just have to have, I would love to hear about them. Pretty much every electronic in our house is archaic and on its last legs so I think we are going to be in the market for just about everything this next year.

Now the 19″ burned out t.v. I bought at Wal-mart for $80 in 1999? We are keeping that.


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