highs and lows


Craig and I had a nice, relaxing weekend. Though is anyone else sick of this weather? Gag, all I want is 24 consecutive hours above freezing- is that too much to ask? In case you are wondering, it is a mere 38 days to spring and yes I am expecting Spring to hit exactly on time, if not a bit early. In the meantime, more snow tonight. Winter is horrible.

The best part of the weekend was, without a question, eating at Waldo Pizza. I can not even BEGIN to tell you how good it is. It was SO good that I had the waitress double check to make sure the crust was gluten free because it just tasted too good to be true. I never felt glutened, so it must have been fine. But let me tell you, I would have eaten it even if it wasn’t because it was THAT good. Craig can vouch that it is probably the best pizza place in Kansas City.

The low point of the weekend would be when Lucy barfed. Nothing unusual about that. But then she stepped in it and walked around the room and took off when I went to grab her- leaving lots of little vomitty footprints around the house for me to clean up. And Craig was gone so I actually had to do it. Gross.

Alright, that’s all I have. 38 days ’till spring…


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  1. WOW!!! what an exciting life.Sounds like that pizza is worth a trip to KC. Joy only had one accident this week-end. She is a bit more sneaky than your cat. She waits until no one is looking and then pretends that she doesn’t have clue how the wet spot just showed up on the carpet. Random wet spots tend to show up more often when it is raining. Someone doesn’t like to go outside in the rain. At least today is above freezing and we aren’t in upstate New York.dad

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