The power of positive thinking


I came in this morning after sitting in traffic for 50 minutes ready to write another whining post. And then as the morning went on, things got even worse. But, after ending Friday on a rather sour note and beginning Monday on a worse one, I decided that I certainly don’t need any more negativity at this point. So instead of writing about the hole I discovered in my favorite office sweater, or the crappy things that happened at work, or the ordeal of putting antibiotics up a bunnies nose, I have decided to focus on happier things.

So here it is, in no particular order, GOOD THINGS (and I hope I get some positive karma out of it because I need it):

1. I was able to visit a friend and watch a funny movie on IMAX this Saturday.
2. It was gorgeous Sunday. I pried my bum off the couch and excercised for the first time in ? weeks.
3. I have gone 3 days without heaving or gagging. Could we be rounding a corner? My appetite is back and I cooked homemade chinese food- and it actually smelled GOOD. Arrivederci, Morning Sickness.
4. I recieved the nicest e-mail I have ever recieved in my life from a teacher, giving me a boost when I needed it the most.
5. Our house is clean. Honest to goodness clean. It’s been awhile…
6. We discovered a grocery store 2 blocks from our church with absolutely gorgeous produce and delicious cheese. MMMM, food.
7. I have an awesome husband who spent 2 hours painstakingly glueing back together a glass cross that I shattered with my clumsiness, even though I know he has never cared for it.
8. Tulips, daffodils, allium, and crocus are all popping up. The squirrels didn’t eat them all after all.
9. Pardon my candor, but I pooped. When they say pregnancy makes you constipated, they aren’t joking. I feel like a two year old-very, very proud.
10. I have a lot of friends and family that are just awesome. And I know that as we prepare to make some big changes in the coming months, I will always have you all for support. And that is a very good thing.


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  1. Actually, you weren’t that proud at 2 years old of pooping. As I recall the first time you were successful at making a deposit in your very own new child size potty you were very upset because it was dirty (hysterically upset if my memory serves me correctly). The new potty became a useless piece of furniture in an already very small crowded bathroom. But that is probably more private family history than you would want published on a public blog. So you can delete this comment if you like. I just felt compelled to set the record straight. Speaking of setting the record straight, your father (alias, dad) did not write that gross comment on the previous blog. I don’t even remember the incident. As far as I know your other parent could be making up the whole story. Thanks for the positive

  2. Positive thoughts are helping me today too. Two deadlines complete today and one more to go… it feels great to complete something!! It must be in the air. My horoscope for today: Your emotions will play a valuable role in a professional context today… I guess positiveness is a plus. Have a good day 😉

  3. ok’, maybe it’s time for all of us to dispense with the gross details! I am guilty as charged. But all the rest of your notations were quite uplifting, and a reminder to me to also focus on all of my blessings, especially, mom

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