1st Trimester Recap


Somehow, someway, I survived the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The first two weeks were pretty easy, but after that- whew. And of course, I am typing this from home as I feel like I could vomit at absolutely any moment but I am thinking it is a stomach bug because I have been laid up all weekend with the barfies. I am hoping it passes by lunch because my sick leave time is into the single digits and we are entering peak allergy season- not a good mix.

I did have the somewhat misguided expectation of entering the second trimester with new energy and a rosy pregnancy glow and maybe a cute little belly because that is what all the books say will happen. Week fourteen and presto! Everything is great again. I have had a countdown at work because this week spring is finally here and I should be feeling like a million bucks. I guess these aren’t things you can count down to on a calendar. I lost a lot of weight in the first trimester- nearly 7 pounds. So, I have earned myself a trip to the nutritionist to see how I can reasonably manage a celiac diet during pregnancy. Hopefully, my sense of smell and gag reflex will deaden a little bit soon and make it easier to enjoy all my veggies again! Until then I am existing on boost and gatorade.

We are really just starting to feel excited about all of this. Before, it hadn’t seemed real and I was so consumed with fear that we would lose the baby that I couldn’t let myself picture the future. I still have that fear, I am guessing it is something that won’t ever go away until delivery and then I will have a whole new set of fears. I tell myself that I will feel so much better once I hear that heartbeat again- and then we hear it and it is AMAZING and then two days later I am worried again and counting down the days until the next appointment.

We aren’t planning on finding out the sex of the baby so we have been having fun throwing around names and talking about the nursery. I (of course) think a bunny theme would be PERFECT and Craig is certain that if we were crazy enough to do that we would receive more bunny miscellany than we would ever know what to do with. My personal opinion is that one can not possibly have too many bunnies, but given the fact that my father has found some sort of tacky rabbit gift for us every Christmas- Craig is probably right, we just don’t want to go down that road.

So we have lots of decisions to make in the coming few months, and lots of learning to do. None of our immediate family or close friends that we spend time with has kids yet so it is safe to say we have NO CLUE what we are really in for. I have heard women remark that they get really tired of all the advice from others but I have to say that I am nowhere near that point yet. I am soaking in anything anyone wants to tell me and I will decide what is useful later.

This is plenty long enough already, I just thought I would share an update. I am ready for spring and a symptom free second trimester!!


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  1. “Tacky”???? How can you say that a bunny that will light up at night on your front door step is tacky?Doesn’t it say, “Welcome” we care about all God’s creatures,especially cute bunnies? I think a Thumper theme is very appropriate especially since that was your nickname almost 6 months prior to your birth. So you are seeking advise?!!!Now that you have asked I will be more than willing to supply any needless and useless (or redundant) advise that you need.By the way, your fears and anxietiies are not unusual for expectant parents. Quite common actually. I remember them well.love dad (paternal biological)

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