Bad rabbit.


Recently the rabbits have rediscovered the back guestroom. They have not been accustomed to visiting this room because to their knowledge, there was nothing interesting there. But then, last year- we added a bed. And not just any bed- the old bed. The bed where baby Lizzie would crawl into the lining of the box springs and hide where we could not catch her. The bed we would lie on and listen helplessly while she chewed on the wood and ripped out stuffing. Lizzie is older and larger now, but the bed holds just as much allure to her now as it did in her youth. It took them 8 months or so to notice the new addition, but once they did they just can’t get enough of that room. We have decided we are helpless to keep them out of there, and honestly that bed is going to dissapear in a few months so what does it really matter any more?

A few nights ago I was working on the computer, which is in the kitchen now, when I saw Lizzie out of the corner of my eye standing in the doorway. I ignored her but she didn’t go away, and started shaking her head around and darting in circles. Finally, I glanced down as she appeared in the doorway again, and do you know what was in her mouth? A HUGE wad of mattress stuffing. She just had to make sure I saw her with it, and then scampered off gleefully. And I swear, there was a glint in her eye.


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