Disaster of the week


I have stopped asking why these things happen to me and have just accepted them as part of the normal rhythm of my life. Today, I was innocently microwaving my lunch which comprised of a container of soup, and a smaller container of sweet potatoes with lots of yummy toppings- nuts, brown sugar, and marshmallows. This occurred without incident so I stacked up my containers with a few other items and headed back to my desk. At that is when DISASTER struck. Go ahead, spend a few seconds imagining what could have happened…

…as I walked back down the hallway (with plenty of people around) the steam in my soup container caused the lid to explode off- sending every other thing I had stacked on top flying, including the sweet potatoes. And of COURSE, the lid came off of them sending huge gobs of sticky sweet potato into the air- landing all over the carpet and walls. Honestly, it looked like a diaper exploded. I stood in shock for a few seconds, as I digested what had just happened I was instantly thankful that at least I had maintained a good grip on the soup. Yep, just another day at the office.


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