Darts of Pleasure


I am sure you all already know this about me, but I write a lot of complaint letters. A LOT. It makes me feel so much better about all of the little injustices in this world. It doesn’t take much to inspire one of these letters: clam shell packaging, wheat in rice mixes, MoDOTs inability to coordinate construction projects… all of these things have served as inspiration to me recently.

A few months back I started feeling guilty for all the bad vibes I was sending out into the world and decided that for every complaint letter I sent, I would write one letter to a company that I was pleased with. This went great for awhile- I got a lot of coupons and warm fuzzies but I quickly ran out of ideas for letters. Maybe I just don’t feel as much passion for the things I like versus things I hate?

Well, this past week I discovered something very letter-worthy. I haven’t found something this letter-worthy since Pamela’s Double Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Wheat Free cookies (pure unadulterated bliss right there). Of course this product has to do with food, nearly every letter of satisfaction I have written has been inspired by food. But this, this is one great discovery. Are you ready? Health Valley Rice Crunch ‘Ems. Not as exciting as you might have imagined, huh? That’s because YOU can eat Rice Chex. I can not (barley malt is the culprit here). And besides Cracklin Oat Bran, Rice Chex used to be one of my all time favorite cereals. I have been craving Rice Chex for a long time, and multiple times have almost caved because it seems like a little barley can’t be all that bad… but now, now I can indulge to my heart’s content.

The day I brought home the box of Health Valley Rice Crunch ‘Ems, I had three bowls for lunch right before I was supposed to leave for another lunch. Once there, I ate a salad to ensure I didn’t get too full, and when I came home I had another five bowls of cereal (while bidding on e-bay no less, doesn’t get any better than that). I finished off the entire box in two days, I can’t believe they lasted that long. Craig unwisely decided to give me a little trouble about pigging out on cereal and I reminded him that the nutritionist TOLD me to eat grains, and I am pretty dang sure this particular cereal is exactly what she was referring to!

Health Valley, your letter is on its way.


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  1. That’s very cool. But wow, that’s a lot of cereal in one day. 🙂 By the way, I used to also write a lot of complaint letters many years ago. I got complimentary dinners, coupons, etc. out of it usually too. I finally stopped writing them and can’t remember why. Maybe now I just bitch in person.

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