We’ve got a wiggler


How am I supposed to get any sleep when I am getting kicked constantly? The past few weeks have been fun, like having a little fishie swimming in my stomach and bumping the sides. But last night? Those were KICKS. How can a baby that tiny pack such a powerful punch? And I know they are just going to get stronger. I will admit to poking my belly and nicely asking the baby to please stop. But then again, on Saturday when they were relatively quiet I was poking my belly and asking for just a little kick.

This week is a biggie- hitting the halfway point and also having the big ultrasound to make sure everything is developing properly. It is pretty darn exciting and you just know that I am totally going to post another ultrasound picture next week. And, next week I will post my 20 week belly picture. That’s all I am planning on posting of me, until maybe at the end when I am enourmous so you will have to look closely for the bump.


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