Tough Love


Our bunnies have been misbehavin’. We have had our two little bundles of fur for over four years now, and we really do love ‘em to death. But lately they are two rotten, stinky little creatures. And stinky is the operative word. Both rabbits, who for three and a half years have faithfully remained litterbox trained, have decided it is no longer worth the effort to get their little buns into the designated poo spot. For awhile, it was a 1’ radius around the box that was fair game for bunny drops. We sighed and grumbled and dust-busted them up. Then came the occasional leak outside of the box. Craig sighed and grumbled and scrubbed it up. But now? Now they don’t even try. Anything is fair game- pee and poo everywhere. We have had enough.

This weekend, the bunnies were evicted from their castle. The 3 story structure is closed. The two rascals now share a tiny little one story plastic cage, 2’ x 4’. If they are going to pee and poo everywhere, they are going to have to sleep in it. This may sound mean, but tough times take tough measures. Practice for parenting, right? So last night was the first night in the new cage, and I think it went okay. And then this morning, those two little boogers made a beeline for their old cage and spent the next 30 minutes banging on the bars trying to get back in. Before heading to work we scooped them both up and returned them to their cramped habitat. I am hoping in just a few days that they will A) have remembered how to use a litterbox and, B) be as repentant as a rabbit can be and, C) realize just how good they had it in the first place.


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