3 days until vacation, if I can survive


Pregnancy is for the birds. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited about having a baby but I just wish there was another way to go about it. And I do remind myself daily how many couples can’t have children and I feel blessed that my body is capable of carrying this pregnancy, even if it is difficult. I have now missed yet another 2 days from work with nausea, vomiting, and fainting spells. I have only gained 6 pounds over the duration of this pregnancy, which needless to say is not enough. So back to the doctor for an yet another extra appointment. After gently being admonished to eat more (easy for them to say, not so easy to do when you are pukey) I got to endure another battery of tests and Craig is out right now filling new prescriptions. We will know more tomorrow but it is most likely a combination of anemia, low blood sugar, and low blood pressure. All issues that won’t go away and will have to be managed with diet, as if that hasn’t been hard enough already. They feel the vomiting is likely due to a virus, so I am just lucky to have it coincide with all these other problems.

Honestly, I knew from the beginning my chances of having an uneventful pregnancy were a little better than nil, but I still thought maybe I deserved a slight break after all my body has been through. And I did have a nice month in there where I had some energy, was keeping food down, and only woke up 4-5 times a night. But I am honestly miserable at the moment- in addition to the fainting issue I can’t sleep at all, my limbs ache, my stomach is tight and painful, I can’t breathe, and now I send my breakfast down the toilet. And I still have one long, hot summer to go. Baby, you better be cute.

The upswing (besides having a baby in less than 4 months) is that I am reminded how utterly AWESOME my husband is. I could not do this alone. He is doing the work of 3 people- his chores, my chores, and all the extra chores I think up while lying on the couch. Just tonight he mulched and made protective rings for all of my 15 tomato plants because they keep getting eaten to the ground and I was worried we wouldn’t have a harvest this year. These are not plants he wanted, by the way. He also spends many lunch hours running errands and then gets home to make dinner, do laundry, clean the kitchen, pay all the bills and take 100% responsibility for our pets. And then he takes care of me when I am sick and faint and really hasn’t complained at all. He is working his tail off to keep things running. I am so glad we are finally leaving on vacation. He deserves it. He deserves to be waited on hand and foot. A week seems to short for him, I just hope it is awesome and relaxing and he has a nice break from all of the responsibilities at home. He is a saint, and I love him like crazy.


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  1. Elizabeth, I am so sorry you are feeling so lousy, I feel somewhat responsible since I contributed to your genetic makeup. Craig, I agree–you are awesome! She is so blessed to have you as a husband, and we think you’re a pretty super son-in-law too! Hang in there both of you, soon you’ll be writing blogs about your sleep depravity. love, mommamarj

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