Doing my part


So I suppose you must be curious who I have been writing letters to lately. I am proud to say I am still going strong. My latest compliment e-mail went to the owner of Olivia’s Oven, who supplies the delicious gluten free pizza crusts for Waldo Pizza and also makes wonderful breads. I couldn’t help but suggest she may want to consider entering the cinnamon roll market. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I would give about anything for a big, gooey cinnamon roll. I did print out a recipe but when I noticed it used five types of flour (garfava flour?? seriously?) I decided I didn’t really want one that bad. But I would by happy to buy some.

My latest complaint letter went to MoDot. They are almost too easy. This time, I was driving to work last week and was horrified to discover their crews were out diligently mowing down the wildflowers on the side of 1-70. The mix is probably about 70% wildflower, 20% weed, and maybe 10% grass. Definitely did not need mowing. So not only are they polluting unnecessarily with their huge archaic mowers, they upped the ugliness factor of an already dismal drive. Since they are a regular client of ours who probably indirectly pays a good portion of my salary, I made sure to use the maiden name on that one.

Making the world a better place, one letter at a time.


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  1. So, if I see MoDot trucks driving past our house I should be alarmed!!? But then again, Pritz is a very common name.If I get a call I will confirm that they should leave the wild flowers alone (and native grasses and several colorful weeds)dad Pritz

  2. I actually received replies to both inquires.1. Cinnamon roles are coming in fall of 2007 (yipee!!) and,2. Sadly, Modot agrees with me that the area should not have been mowed, however they are flooded with complaints from the public that the area looks “weedy” and so city put pressure on them to mow. Time for some public education on the difference beween a native grass and a weed. As a LA it royally ticks me off to design a low maintenance native landscape that people can not appreicate because they are too accustomed to their bluegrass suburbia utopia. We are in the middle of the freakin’ Great Plains and the vast majority of people don’t have a clue what our native landscape looks like. And so they mow it down and it looks like sh*t. Very sad.

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