I am a little behind on posting pictures lately so it is time to get caught up. First off, Father’s day. We are missing the Nelson grandparents from this picture. We had a great Fathers day, and the hidden benefit of hosting is that once everyone left, I found out fridge completely stocked with leftovers. Not to mention to GF cake and bread that has been breakfast the past few days. Yum! We will have to host more often!

Next, a picture of Eric’s house. Well, his kitchen. With me eating. Hey, I’m pregnant. I did manage to get out of helping move things, but I offered plenty of verbal support. Craig and I both have house envy, well acerage envy to be more precise. I have already decided he NEEDS a cat, dog, small pony, and a few goats to keep the grass short. (Ryan, you would recognize 90% of the furniture here…)

And finally, from Eric’s graduation, which seems like it was YEARS ago. He was about as excited about graduation as I remember being. That is to say, not very.

Next up, I will post some pictures of the nursery, which is a work in progress.


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