Sneak Peak


Here is a sneak peak at the nursery in progress:Yep, BUNNIES! What else? We haven’t hung the quilt or purchased the bedding, or a myriad of other essentials but we have our rug! As long as we have the important stuff, right? Well, our first order of cloth diapers arrived yesterday so we had fun with that. I had no idea how CUTE they would be. We are trying two different systems for those of you unfamiliar with cloth diapering- one is using “prefolds” with covers- this is the system that my mom used when I was a wee one, and the second system is called pocket diapers. These are absolutely adorable one-sized diapers that fit a baby from 8-35 pounds. Just like disposables only you wash them. And they are cuter.

So, last night Craig and I decided to try our hand at diapering, figuring we were going to need some practice. Not having any babies handy we went with the next best thing- a stuffed bunny. The first diaper I attempted was a bumGenius brand and I have to say it went fairly well:
At any rate, looks good to me. But the second diaper, I don’t know about. This brand is Mothers Touch, and I am thinking I don’t have the touch. Instead of velcro there are about 100 snaps on this contraption and it was beyond me how they were supposed to fasten to create a diaper that would fit an 8 pound baby. I tried a few times and then ended up with this:
I am going to have to look up instructions for this sucker on the web. Craig also gave this one a try but I must say I don’t think he did a whole lot better than I did. We didn’t even come near the prefold diapers. The term “prefold” is a tad misleading as the thing is just a big square of cloth. How I am going to make a diaper out of that, I don’t have a clue. Thankfully, I have an offer for a lesson and hopefully in no time at all we will be whipping out “angel folds” and “the twist” with ease. I have a feeling life is going to be dramatically different in a few months….


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  1. How cute!!! I totally agree the cloth diaper is the way to go. My brother and I were both raised on cloth diapers but I remember saftey pins that held them closed. I am sure that isn’t aloud anymore…..

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