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This weekend was nearly perfection. I say nearly, but I am not sure what could have made it better. Craig and I both love the feeling of accomplishing things, so we started off strong with running lots of errands- returning library books, buying some larger clothes for me, picking out fabric for a rocker, and numerous other to-dos. But we allowed plenty of time to nap, read, and play the Wii. Craig got some exercise at softball practice, and I looked up recipes for the week and got a start on some homemade peach ice cream. We also went to the farmers market and loaded up on fresh produce, swung by Kauffman Gardens to see if their early summer blooms look any better than ours, sat through the crazy VBS Sunday at church and even found some spare time to work out in the yard.

I really love summer, and so far this year it has been a good one. I am especially happy with the garden, we have had just the right amount of rain that I have been neglectful with watering and everything is still alive. The weeds are growing especially strong. I am getting giddy with anticipation for the season’s first tomatoes, it shouldn’t be more than a few weeks before we have some cherry tomatoes ready for picking. And it looks like a bumper crop of cucumbers this year and the other veggies are growing nicely as well- onions, potatoes, okra, eggplant, peppers, and kale. (I cut back this year!) We had our first salad today that was 90% from our garden- lettuce, onions, and cucumber. I don’t think anything makes a meal tastier than knowing that you grew it yourself. Craig and I have discussed that one day when we finally get around to moving, the yard is going to be a deciding factor in our future home. No large sunny spot for a garden? No deal. We will buy a place with pink bathroom fixtures, but there better be some nice mature trees on the lot.

Hopefully I haven’t jinxed the rest of the season, but overall I am feeling pretty confident that we are going to get a bumper crop this year. And you can bet it you live near us we will be attempting to unload some of the overflow on you any day now! So there’s the update on the yard and now, I better get back to that Peach Ice Cream.


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  1. The veggies sound great. I was so happy to have picked my first six cherry tomatoes. I have about 12 green tomatoes that are beginning to turn red (I hope I get to them before the squirrels do!) I think I had a little bit of a heads start on the veggies this year b/c I could keep them in our empty house or garden shed.. I totally agree on selecting your next house by the yard. I admit that is why I chose ours and it worked out for the best- we had plenty of room to expand and have veggies- while living in the city!!!

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