Feeling Blue


I shouldn’t blog when I am down, I know this. And I know that with tons of hormones surging through my body on top of a second dreary rainy day, I am probably more glum than usual. But this week has been tough. Beautiful Tahoe where we spent our vacation is now an inferno, pretty much everything we took pictures of is gone. Our big family reunion this summer that everyone was looking forward to is dashed by my cousin’s unexpected redeployment. The very fact he has to go back is a huge bummer. Our neighbor passed away while we were on vacation, and my other neighbor was deployed to Baghdad for 15 months. I still have mornings where I wake up sick and can’t make it into work, and I am really tired of feeling sick. Maybe gluten, maybe tiredness, maybe hormones? Who knows, it doesn’t even matter anymore. Lizzie is sick, and her vet bill was over $170- and we have 10 days of giving her nasal steroids AND an oral antibiotic. You can not imagine how impossible this is to do unless you have tried it, I think we need about 5 people to accomplish the task because 4 hands is not enough. Yet another coworkers wife just delivered a 9 pound 9 oz baby by c-section after 48 HOURS OF INDUCED LABOR, and that brings the total to the last 5 births I have heard about have all been horrid- huge babies and c-sections all around, and I am more than 100% freaked out about how this kid is going to come out. And then this morning I find out my iron count is low and I have to take the nausea inducing iron pills, and I failed my 1 hour glucose test. So, back to the doctor for a 3 hour fasting test which I sure as heck better pass because my diet is limited enough as it is and I absolutely do NOT feel like eating a diabetic diet for 3 more months. I know I should suck it up and say that it will be okay and I would survive and thank goodness it isn’t something serious, but right now I think that is probably a bit more than I can handle so fine, call me weak. I realize I am just in a mopey, hormonal, weather-induced down in the dumps pity party for one, but I suppose everyone has those days now and again and most people just know enough not to blog about it.


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  1. I hear the sun should start shining this afternoon. That’s something to look forward to! Plus we get a day off work for July 4th coming up. And fireworks… Doesn’t that cheer you up?

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