As I sit here and wait for the morning ickies to pass, I might as well get caught up on the blog. We spent this weekend in Wichita and had a great time. Unfortunately, on Saturday we forgot the camera in the car and were both too lazy to go get it so we have no pictures. Thankfully this was a Jackson gathering so on average there were 2.5 cameras per person, including the toddlers so I am sure there are plenty of pictures floating around and someday a few of them may come our way.

All of the kids were adorable, and especially so was my cousins little two year old who was amazed by the fact that I have a baby in my belly. She checked throughout the day to make sure it was still in there, and at one point even asked if I just might have another couple babies hanging out in my boobs. Apparently, anyone with any sort of bulge was also asked if they might be hiding some babies in there.

On Sunday, we had a family baby shower and it was great. My aunts went above and beyond in every way and even had a huge spread of gluten free food, more than I could fit in my ever shrinking stomach (not the belly, the belly is growing). We did have a game of guessing the candy in the diaper but I was a poor sport and refused to stick my nose in the diaper, ending up with a score of three. And you would think I would know my chocolate. But, it was a lot of fun and great to see relatives that I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

We definitely have a lot of Thank-yous to everyone, and after showing Craig all of the cute baby stuff we are both getting really excited. Something about having a stack of blankies and onesies ready to be washed makes this all seem incredibly real. And now I am finally hit with the nesting urge and ready to go buy out the local baby store!! So thank you to everyone, it was fun to celebrate the baby and be reminded that the end result of this often icky pregnancy is going to be one adorable little kiddo.


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