A fresh start of sorts


This weekend was great for so many reasons. First was the weather, which was nearly unbelievable for July. It was actually bearable to step outside while clothed without an ice pack on my neck. In fact, it was so nice out that Craig and I got some use out of his birthday present to me- a little lawn game called ladder golf. I think it is a blast to play, and even more so since I beat Craig twice in a row. What is even better about the game is that Craig made the set entirely himself and after a few tweaks to the ‘bolas’ it is pretty awesome.

But maybe slightly better than the weather is the fact that this weekend, our carpet turned white again. I am sure that any regular reader is aware that bemoaning the stupidity of installing white carpet with 3 pets and a kiddo on the way is something I do on a frequent basis. And after Lizzie’s illness where the antibiotics turned her pee brown and she stopped using the litter box… and after Lucy barfing up dinner nearly every night for the past two years…well, it was looking pretty bad. I would say tan even, with white blotches here and there from the spot cleaner. We even own a steam cleaner and use it on a regular basis, but it is no match for the pets. So, we finally had it professionally cleaned. He was done in 45 minutes flat, and the carpet looks brand new again. Though I am sure that at this very moment as I write this post Lucy has likely already made the first new stain, it was sure nice while it lasted. Our house just feels so clean!!! And nothing can put me in a good mood faster than a clean house. I think once Craig saw how insanely happy I was all weekend just because our carpet is clean, he is going to be having the cleaner’s out once a month.


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