A bit of a bummer


Things are going fairly well with the pregnancy, I am actually feeling really good all things considered. I have heard the third trimester is terrible but so far this is the best I have felt so far. So that is nice.

What is bad then? Our childcare provider fell through. Our part time, inexpensive, close to our house, likable, competent, flexible, too good to be true provider is moving. I have had this unsettled feeling in my gut ever since we found her that it was just too easy and fell into place so well that something must be wrong. Thankfully we have a few months to start the process again, but it makes me realize that this parenting thing is really going to change our lives. Because baby is going to come first- and if we can’t find a good provider than I won’t go back to work. And that is a scary thought to me. And I am realizing that we are going to have to be really flexible and that from here on out I can no longer plan out every minute detail of our lives and expect it to play out that way. Having a baby introduces a lot of unpredictability and I tend to do best when I am in complete control of a situation. You don’t have to tell me that will be out the window in a little less than 7 weeks.

We could use some prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts etc. as we start this again because it pretty much is the most monumental decision that can be made considering the baby. Bigger than car seats and bottles and diapers and all the other decisions I have been agonizing over lately. I can only hope that somehow, someway, it will all fall into place in time.


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  1. How can you know (at this point) having not held this precious baby in your arms, that you can even leave him in the care of someone (a stranger)that can’t possibly love him as YOU his parents can? He deserves and needs to be with you, his mother. Money cannot compare to the precious moments and memories you will make in this new parental endeavor. Please consider this…you and the baby will be blessed. You are not going to believe how in love you will be when you meet your baby boy. It’s really undescribable. We are excited for you both. Signed, a stranger who enjoys your blog.

  2. I do appreciate that our feelings about me working may very well change once our baby is here, and while we are completely open to that possiblity, Craig and I also feel comfortable that the decisions we are making are for the good of our entire family. I am aware that there are a lot of different opinions out there on working/not working and there are merits to both but I really don’t feel the need to justify our decision to anyone either way we decide -and I certainly will not let anyone make me feel guilty about our choices.

  3. To the stranger who feels that the mother should be at home with the baby, I am wondering why the father of the baby should not be the person who gives up a career to stay home full-time with the baby he has helped create? I applaud your response Elizabeth, because it is you and Craig’s decision. God has blessed you with the creation of this tiny child and God will guide you as you make decisions that are best for you as a family. mom pritz

  4. Elizabeth, Just had to jump in here and offer my support to you on what is a very difficult decision. Stranger makes it sound so clear cut and it certainly is NOT. It makes me crazy when people think that their decision is the only right way. It’s a very individual decision and not as black and white as some suggest. Good luck and hang in there,LoriWorking mom (and not afraid to identify myself)

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