On Labor Day, Craig and I watched the Oprah rerun about the women who had been using the same pillows for 20 plus years. Has anyone else seen this one? And they showed the lab results from the pillow sample with the millions and millions of dust mites that were living in the pillows along with the huge build-up of dead skin cells and other nastiness. The pillows were so old they didn’t even spring back when you folded them, so really could hardly be called pillows. We watched, and were totally grossed out that anyone could sleep on a pile of bugs like that. And then this weekend, as I continued my nesting and went to wash all of our pillow cases I came across these puppies that have been our extra pillows forever:

Gross. Watching that show made parting with these nasty things a whole heck of a lot easier.


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  1. I love that you were brave enough to post a picture. Our extra pillows are gross too, and I make sure on laundry day that the pillows can not be seen by anyone that might happen to stop by.

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