Cold Feet


Last Wednesday at my doctor’s appointment when it first looked quite likely that I would go overdue, we set an induction date. Wednesday, September 19th I would head into the hospital and start Pitocin on the 20th. And yet, here I am typing this blog.

At about 6:00 tonight, half and hour before we were supposed to leave for the hospital I decided I didn’t want to do it. I have been conflicted about it since last week but was feeling like my discomfort would win out over the reservations I had. But really, as anxious as I am to meet our baby and have this pregnancy over with, I also know that an induction is not the birth experience I want. There is a chance that the baby’s head is too big for my pelvis and this is why things are not progressing, but there is no way to really know this in advance. And while there can be medical reasons for needing an induction, I am just not convinced we are to that point yet.

As much as it really, really sucks to be overdue I did some googling and found a statistic that the average first time mom is overdue by 4 days. So- am I right in feeling like it is rushing things a bit to be induced at only 3 days?? I want to give the baby a chance to come on his/her own. (Even though by the looks of things baby is not so very interested in making an appearance any time soon.) My doctor agreed that if I am really having reservations about the induction, then I shouldn’t do it.

So. I could have been holding our baby in my arms tomorrow evening. And instead I am going to be watching bad television while scratching my swollen, itchy toes and moaning about every sore part of my body. And I know by the hit count for the website that you all are pretty dang anxious to hear some baby news. Believe me, Craig and I are pretty dang anxious to share it. But in the end, I feel confident that I made the right decision.

My plan of the moment is to pretend I am not even due until next Monday, and do my best to hang out, relax, enjoy this time with Craig, and pray that our baby comes when he/she is ready. If, in the end I still end up with the induction or worse yet-the c-section, at least I will know that I hung in there and gave God’s timing a chance.


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  1. What’s a few days compared to a lifetime? I’m glad you are comfortable with your decision. Hope you had a good dinner out.We’ll see you, Craig and baby sometime within the – future(technically already) maternal grandfather (that sounds weird)

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