Not long now


We are growing a big one. Yesterday was our ultrasound and NST to make sure baby is thriving as he/she hangs out in my womb in no apparent hurry to exit. Estimated weight? 8 pounds, give or take a pound. I’m fine with7, not so much with 9. Everything looked great with the baby and so they will let me go until Friday with hopes of something happening before then. I must say, I am not counting on it. For whatever reason baby is perfectly content to stay put.

I am dealing with this all much better after chatting with the nurse. We asked her how many people she saw post-dates for these tests and she told us it was pretty rare. I was surprised but she said that a mixture of women’s impatience to have their pregnancies over with combined with doctors wanting to have births scheduled for their convenience meant that most women are induced a few days after their due dates, and mostly without any medical merit. It used to be much more common for women to carry an extra week or two but now people just don’t have the patience for it. So I walked out of there feeling like a rock star. Not only is there nothing wrong with me for still being pregnant, but I feel pretty good about sticking it out even though I am miserable. I feel pretty strongly that I want to give the baby a chance to choose his/her own birthday even though it is taking it’s sweet time. It just felt selfish last week to go through with the induction, and I think it would have been.

Another reason that I feel better about this is that at church, our pastors granddaughter was born 6 weeks early. Even though she was healthy, she has to stay at the hospital for another month. It made me realize that though I feel like my body is failing me for not getting the baby out by now, you can look at it another way and say that I am just doing TOO good of a job carrying the baby. It was a good reminder that I should feel truly blessed to be able to carry a healthy baby to term and all of my complaints and gripes are fairly minor in that light.

Like I said, I’m pretty sure that I am going to end up being induced regardless. But the doctor won’t let me go past Friday so I will always know that I did my best to hang in there as long as possible and do what is best for the baby. Only 3 more days now until little Nelson is here!! I am sooooo excited.


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