41 weeks, 3 days


No picture this time. Trust me, I am huge. Enourmous. Gigantic. I probably have a 10 pound baby in this belly.

Well, this is my last post before we head to the hospital tonight. I will admit I am pretty frustrated that two days of mild contractions never turned into real labor. But hey, I have my fourth 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle to finish so whatever.

As you might imagine, I am SOOOOO ready for this and even though I am extremely disappointed in the way things have gone so far, I’m pretty sure that it won’t matter one bit once that sweet little baby is finally in my arms. Right now I can’t think of anything that I want more than to be woken up by baby cries rather than my bladder and swollen feet, and I even welcome washing all of those poopy diapers. (Please remind me of this in a few weeks). I am ready for baby Nelson to have a first name, and to add the finishing touches to our nursery. I am so anxious to meet this little being that we have created and now it really won’t be long. It is finally time to be a mommy.

Think good thoughts for us.


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