Week one of our new life


Wow, people aren’t kidding when they say babies take a lot of time. Between labor recovery, feedings, late night crying sessions and a steady stream of visitors, there has been precious little time for sleep. But I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing. We are both dead tired, but enjoying every exhausting minute.

I don’t plan on posting a birth story- I’m not really into that. I figure if you have done it, you know what it is about, and if you haven’t- no need to scare anyone, right? Things did go fairly smoothly, but I will just say that he was a big baby. A really big baby. And thank goodness for codeine and donut pillows.

But I love Devan so much, and this past week has been amazing. He is a really great baby and I think he is trying to make this all easier on us after giving me so much grief in the womb and during his grand entrance. We both love to take naps with him and spend hours staring at him sleeping. It is all still a little surreal, that this little guy is our son.

I probably won’t be on blogger quite as much the next few months- especially as our extra help tapers off and Craig goes back to work. But I will try and post pictures of the little guy often because I think he is just so darn cute.


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