Next time, he stays stinky


The little guy is napping so I have a few seconds to share about his 2 week visit to the pediatrician. The doctor was running really behind, so I had time to nurse Devan before the appointment in hopes of keeping him from screaming through the entire thing. It did seem to calm him and he was perfectly content as the nurse had us strip him naked to his diaper to be weighed, and then showed us into a room to wait.

We noticed a really funky smell, so we decided to change his diaper quickly before the doctor came in. By we, I mean I thought I would sit and let Craig do it. So, he is changing the diaper…

C: Wow, this one is full. Look at all this poop.
E: Yeah, pretty nasty.
C: Can you get me something to cover his *boy parts*?
E: Yep
C: Um…
E: What?
C: I think his head is lying in a pile of barf.
E: Oh yeah, thats a lot of spit up. Wow. Okay, I’ll clean that up…
C: Oh crap!
E: What happened to the *boy parts* cover? He’s peeing everywhere!!!!
C: He just soaked his clean diaper!
E: And the wipes!! Move that- it’s getting soaked!
C: How did he do that?
E: Its dripping off the exam table!!!
C: I hope the doctor doesn’t walk in right now!!!
E: laughing hysterically at baby boy who is happily laying on table, covered in poo, spit up and pee…
C: 9 pounds, 3 ounces huh? I bet he is less than 9 pounds now!


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