Daycare Report


Even though I am not going into work right now, I am still taking Devan to daycare for short periods of time so we can both get used to it. So far, so good. I have varied the times of taking and picking him up considerably so they are not expecting me and I can sneak up on the classroom. The first time I picked Devan up I found him being held in the rocking chair and sung to, and looking extremely content. Today, he was hanging out in a swing, and with his droopy eyes I’m guessing he was nearly asleep. Every time I have visited I have found extra people in the room, playing with and holding the babies. And I was told by a worker in the toddler room that Devan “is just soo cute, we all have fun going in there and making him smile…” It’s clear by all of my surprise visits that the babies are well loved, the woman in charge of the room has been there for 30+ years and clearly loves what she is doing which really puts my mind at ease.

As I had hoped, Devan is learning to take some naps at daycare when he has refused to do so for me this past month. I pick up a very well rested and happy baby and then get 4 hours of playtime with him in the afternoon before it is time to make dinner. All in all, I’m really happy with the schedule so far and think it will work well for us when I start job#2 (full details tomorrow.)

There’s just one small complaint.

For the past 6 weeks, his poo has been extremely predictable. Two in a row, between 8 am and 11am, every single day. I was thinking that I would never again change a poopy diaper during the week. But unfortunately, on Monday he held off until 3:00pm and had a giant explosion and then today he squeezed some out early at 7 am and another one at 1 pm.

I guess he only poo’s for Mommy.


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  1. So glad you’ve found a place that you feel comfortable with–he’ll charm all of them, except for a few hours of that ‘nothing makes me happy’ crying! Enjoy every minute of his first year–he is changing so fast already. Love, Grandmamma Marj

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