Some random thoughts


The Mazda died yesterday on my way home from picking up Devan. My next door neighbor, the one with the hideous chain link fence, came and rescued us. I forgive her for the fence. We think it is the transmission. Let’s hope it is not the transmission. UPDATE: It was the transmission, and to the tune of $2300. Stupid Mazda, only 51,000 miles on the car. And after the two Ford Taurus engine explosions…SIGH, so if you can’t trust foreign cars where does that leave us???

It is going to be very hard not to spoil Devan. I didn’t think it would be an issue for us, being so cheap and all. But it is an issue. I think he is so cute that he deserves every toy ever produced. And now that we are going to be moving, there will be room for them all. I am realizing that having children that are not spoiled rotten is a very conscious choice and maybe not the easy one.

Devan’s new diapers came yesterday. Turns out that “Berry” means PINK. Now I am not one that thinks boys must always wear blue. In fact, he has some nice lavender diapers that I am perfectly okay with (go K-State!). But my little boy in bright PINK? I don’t think so. I am sending them back.

It it beautiful today. I am sitting here enjoying the big wet snowflakes outside and a nice mug of hot chocolate while Devan sleeps peacefully. All I need is to put on the sappy Celine Dion Christmas album and the scene is complete…… done. Ahhhhh.


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