The big transition


The first day of work went well, but wow this is going to be tough until we move. I feel like I am spending the whole day in the car only to work very few hours by the time you count in lunch and two sessions of milk expressing (TMI but hey, baby still has to eat) . And it was MUCH harder to leave Devan at daycare yesterday than last week because he was there for so much longer. When I picked him up, his face blotchy from crying. But then when he saw me his face lit up and he mustered a huge smile, which just made my heart melt. I guess for working a part time schedule it feels pretty much like full time right now. And then when I get home there are diapers and bottles and pump parts to wash, milk to store and dinner to make so I am still not getting to spend the quality time with Devan that I had been hoping for. I know the kinks will work themselves out, but still- it is going to be tough the next few months.

The good news is we met with a real estate agent and the house is pretty much ready to list. He did recommend we install new counters in the kitchen and I find myself wishing we had done that 4 years ago and gotten some enjoyment out of them ourselves. It looks quite likely that we will lose some money on the house but we enjoyed our time here and we don’t regret any of the improvements we made.

So anyways, today should have been my second day but thanks to the massive ice storm Devan and I get to hang out together for another day. The roads aren’t so bad, as Craig managed to drive down to Olathe, but our tree is so heavy with ice that I can’t get the car out of our driveway. And, it is a loaner car so I am sure my parents will be happy to learn that I am not skating around town in it. And, like I mentioned- I get to stay home with Devan. Speaking of, it smells like it’s time for diaper duty…


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