Poor little baby


I can hardly believe Christmas has come and gone. We are back from our whirlwind holiday tour and we had a great, yet exhausting time. Devan did wonderfully in the car- for the 8+ total hours he was only awake for about 30 minutes and I only had to nurse him at a rest stop once. And the roads were clear. And we were able to visit with lots of family and eat delicious food. And we got to see my cousins week old baby. And we got lots of nice presents, in fact Craig surprised me with a Garmin nuvi- which was really unexpected given how, um, thrifty we are about gifts for each other. And the Christmas Eve service was beautiful and Devan behaved through it.

So that is lots of good.

The bad? Because of course, there is always a bad…. We are all three SICK. Especially poor baby Devan. Using my mother’s instinct, we took him to the pediatrician today and confirmed my fears that he has RSV- which causes nothing more than a minor cold for adults but is quite serious in babies and can lead young infants to be hospitalized. On top of this, he also has an ear infection. The poor little guy is miserable and is trying his best to sleep it off. He is putting up with lots of snot suctioning and a horrible cough, and is vomiting up most everything he eats with lots of thick phlegm. He’s just miserable, we can tell, and yet he is doing everything he can to muster up some smiles when someone talks to him- and even tried laughing a few times before it ended in a fit of coughs. It is so hard to watch your baby feel sick! I would be 10X as sick if I could take the ick away from him.

Unfortunately all I can do is give him lots of hugs and snuggles, and suck his snot out even though he hates that, and give him some nice steamy showers, and know that hopefully this time next week our little bub will be feeling MUCH better.


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