New Year’s Resolutions


by Devan Nelson

Well, this has been a big year for me. Being born, and all. But I’ve been doing some thinking, and there are just an awful lot of things I would like to accomplish for next year. So I decided I should make a top ten list of my resolutions just to keep on track. And since Mommy and Daddy are already in bed, I thought I would sneak over here and post it. So here they are….

10. Put on some weight. I’ve got the rabbits licked, but I’m still no match for Lucy. This year that is going to change.

9. Expand my wardrobe. I’m stuck in a rut with the baby blue. I’m thinking black is always in style.

8. Spit up less. It’s fun, but not very mature.

7. Sit up by myself. You can’t see crap from the ground.

6. Watch less T.V. I’ve heard it isn’t healthy to be addicted already at this young age.

5. Expand my food horizons. Don’t get me wrong, I love milk, but sometimes Mommy and Daddy eat some tasty looking stuff.

4. Laugh for Mommy. Daddy is hilarious, Mommy isn’t too funny but I guess I should humor her once in awhile with a little giggle or two.

3. Crawl. This is a biggie. Those rabbits are everywhere and I would like to see what they are up to.

2. Talk ‘big people’. Unfortunately, nobody around here is smart enough to understand what I’m saying with AHHHHHH or OHHHHHH orEEEEEEEEE. So fine, I’ll do it their way.

And finally, in 2008, I am going to…..

1. WALK!!!!!! It’s about time I call the shots around here! I’m tired of getting plopped here and there, and plus- I’d like to show those furry creatures who is boss.

So, a pretty ambitious list, I know. But I think that I can do it. 2008 is going to be a big year for sure!

I hope everyone has a happy New Year!!!!


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