Doing our part to help keep Big Oil thriving


It snowed last night. Not enough to be pretty, but certainly enough to clog all the roads and close all the schools. By the way, people who drive in this weather you might think some had never seen snow before- an equal mix of people driving so fast they endanger everyone around them and the overly cautious who get everyone moving so slow up a hill we all get stuck. One of the many blessings of my new job is that it is very flexible and so I can wait out the morning traffic jam when the roads are a mess, and I just get paid a bit less this week. Seems worth it to me.

The commute is really the one and only negative thing in my life right now (okay, if you don’t count yesterday’s post) and so as far as it goes, not too bad. I know that hundreds of thousands of motorists in many big cities drive just as long every day and it just makes me think those people are nuts. What I wouldn’t give for a good public transportation system here. I think that driving brings out the very worst in me, there are just so many little annoyances between the other drivers, weather, construction, and so many unforeseen delays that just turn me into a giant stress ball by the time I get to work. I often feel the need for a very stiff drink, at 9 am, but I settle for hot chocolate.

This image is from Mapquest, showing my actual route yesterday. A grand total of 58 miles. And poor Craig has been driving a similar route for years. Yes, it is time to move. You could almost say I am looking forward to it.

Craig’s update: My drive to work today took 1 hour, 45 minutes.


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