I’ve got the power


I have something going on, some weird clairvoyant power that I have been honing lately. Our house has been shown only twice, and both times before we got the call- I knew. Today I had that ‘feeling’ so before we left I ran the vacuum and picked up baby toys, and basically made sure everything looked spiffy. I have been doing this for nearly a month now, but I made sure it looked extra spiffier today because I knew. And sure enough, there’s a showing. (Someday this house really is going to sell. I hope.)

Way back in early January I had a presidential prediction- it would be Obama/Richardson and McCain/Huckabee. While the Republic ticket is looking fairly unlikely due to Huckabee’s persistence at staying in the race, I’m thinking it looks pretty certain that I was at least right for the presidential candidates.

I might just set up my own psychic hotline.


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  1. The other night I dreamt that I had to do job interviews for a delivery driver at our cookie shop and the next day, our delivery driver quit.And then I dreamt that Joel came home from work and said he had to leave for Portugal that minute. In real life, he came home for lunch and told me he had to go to Portugal in the next 4 weeks.Kind of spooky.

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