My poor baby


Isn’t it true that they say breastfeed babies should get sick less? Because they get antibodies from their mother that helps to protect them? Isn’t that true? Not for my poor baby. The daycare exposure to ickiness trumps my measly antiobodies because poor Devan has been through the ringer. First with the RSV over Christmas, and now a lung infection. Bronciolitis. Which I though was RSV but I guess this is different. And he has it bad, worse than most is what they said. I took him to the clinic this morning and his oxygen level was low- so low they took three readings, and used three different machines just to make sure. He then got a breathing treatment in the office and we were sent home with a nebulizer and some medicine to help dialate his airways and loosen the mucus. Just guess how much he likes having a mask strapped to his face. And they said his chances of developing childhood asthma are through the roof now. 😦 I wish I could protect him better. I have only had one cold all year, but Devan has had at least four so far. I guess the antibodies are working in reverse. I am supposed to be the sickly one, not my poor baby. I’m sad.


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  1. It seems like he is getting better then he will have hours of coughing and choking. We almost took him to the hospital last night… hopefully this week will be the end of it…

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