#1. I’m going bald. Mid January, just when I thought I was safe, the hormones did something funky and the postpartum hair loss kicked in full force. I’m not sure how much longer I will have any hair as I pull fistfuls of it out every morning and last week Craig removed what looked like a small dead mammal from our tub drain. Nasty.

#2. We had to wake Devan up yesterday morning. At 7am. This is just getting weird.

#3. Devan loves peas and avocados but not carrots, squash or sweet potato. After we give him green beans and spinach I am at a loss for other green veggies. As a side note, there are a million different recommendations out there on how to feed a baby and I’ve decided to ignore them all and just do it our way.

#4. We have not sold our house. We learned a two bedroom house in this area sits on the market for an average of 90 days. Lets all hope we are not going to be the house that pulls that average higher.

#5. I love my job. Had a very busy week and a big deadline, and I am just getting a lot of satisfaction out of what I am doing. At the same time, I am really glad I work part time because this week was 30 hours in 4 days and that is a bit much for me. I’m really impressed with the moms who work full time and hold it together. I couldn’t.

#6. Why are all the Easter outfits for babies short sleeved when Easter is in March this year? Devan will be wearing pjs. I’m thinking of taking his picture with some bunnies for Easter. Know where I can find some?

#7. I LOVE daylight savings time. It should become the new real time.

That’s all. And now I’m off to enjoy Friday with little D.


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