Sing a sad, sad song


We are halfway through the cleanup and it is a monstrous task and a really depressing one. I suppose the bright side is any more flooding and we won’t have any (stuff) left to move. Ha.

What makes this recent flood so bad is that we totally did not find out about it until 24 hours after it happened. And, even though the basement has flooded worse in the past, Craig was able to go down in the middle of the night and move the important stuff to high ground. This time we weren’t so lucky. Since we have been showing the house and getting ready to move a good number of our nice things were already packed and neatly stacked in the basement.

So far I’ve lost over $500 worth of books-some of them rare and gift copies, all of my Landscape Architecture and Garden Design magazines, all of my special paper and scrap-booking supplies, some of Devan’s baby stuff that isn’t washable, many photos and photo frames- including some wedding pictures, all of our carpet and rugs, and of course our good packing boxes that Craig has been collecting for the past two months! I’m trying to find humor in the situation, but it’s hard. I really just feel like crying and yelling. Which actually, I did last night along with a few rounds at the punching bag and now my arms are incredibly sore. What would really make me feel good is having some plates to throw and shatter, like they do at Greek weddings. Except all the dishes are washable, so I just have to unpack them all and run numerous loads through the dishwasher.

It is just a really big nasty mess, and since we have done this before, we are growing tired of it. This house is cursed- the weevils, the flooding, the freezer meltdown, the vomiting cat, and now we even have DEER who come in the morning and eat my freaking TULIPS!!!! Now, if that isn’t the last straw, I don’t know what is. I’m ready to MOVE.


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  1. You can have my garden design magazines… I was thinking of recycling them…aw… I feel your pain though… out basement backed up a couple years ago..but it was a finished basement.. that isn’t fun to clean up either. Good luck. We are thinking about you.

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