Never say Never


Next thing you know I will be driving a mini-van. (Not that there is anything wrong with that Mom and Dad, Larry and Patty, 90% of our blog readers….) Any-hoo, last week Craig and I bought a house. A split. And I said I would NEVER live in a split, just like four years ago I said I would NEVER live in a ranch. Not sure what exactly that would leave us with in this region, a trailer perhaps?

Well, we have loved this ranch for the past four years and I have a feeling we are going to love this split. Sure, it isn’t the prettiest looking house in the world on the front, but I’ll just paint it sage and then it will be beautiful! We love the inside-the huge kitchen is more than I ever thought I could have, and it has enough space for 3 of our families. We will no longer both be filling up our gas tanks twice a week as the new commute should be closer to 15 minutes each. The location really is to die for- a block from a school, a park with a heated pool, and get this: TARGET! Yep, I can walk to Target. Craig is groaning as he reads this, wondering how we are going to afford the payments now that I am going to be spending my salary at Target.

After the ordeal and disappointment with the first house we are very excited that these people actually wanted to sell their house and signed the contract! We move June 14th, so now it is time to pack. So everyone is MORE than welcome to come to our house and play with Devan so that we actually have time to pack. We have inspections next week, I just might take some preview pictures. So if there are any crazy stalkers out there reading this they will be able to track us down. June 14th!! So exciting!!!!!


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