A tornado will now pick us up and drop us neatly in Kansas


All of these tornadoes have my stomach in knots.

First Manhattan and our beloved K-State, I hear tonight from Mom and Dad that Eric had a way too close call and a man died from the tornado just a few miles from his house, and then tonight severe storms moving through Topeka and the KC metro…enough already, jeez!!! And not to mention all the flooding through out the Midwest. I, for one, believe we were punished enough with a brutal winter. But it looks like it is just going to be one of those summers. And now that we are going to be back in Kansas, we are also going to have the gale force winds to deal with.

Yep, we’re moving this weekend. Many of you know this because we have cajoled you into helping. Thank ya, we appreciate you all SO MUCH.

We are shutting up shop here in Independence and trucking on over to Overland Park tomorrow. Hopefully. Just as soon as I close this puppy down and go finish packing, which should only take about oh, 8 more hours.

See you on the other side (of State Line.)


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