1. Never leave a baby unattended, even for 60 seconds when you are in the very next room cleaning up the first mess he made. Because then you will walk back into the kitchen to discover the cat’s water dish filled with toys even though you’ve very nicely asked the baby about 100 times not to mess with the cats food and water.

2. Today is my birthday, 27th. Which really would be fairly unexciting except for the fact that we are going to use it as an excuse to go see a movie, and I’m thinking its going to be a Pixar.

3. The biggest single thing on our minds right now is that tomorrow Craig’s dad will be having a quadruple bypass surgery. Even though the recovery will be long, we both are anxious for tomorrow to be here and over with already because I think everyone is going to feel a lot better once the surgery is done. It’s a surgery that you seem to hear about a lot, but that seems a heck of a lot scarier when it is happening to someone that you know and love deeply. So Larry and Patty and all of the family would very much covet your prayers and thoughts tomorrow and the weeks to follow.


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