Is anyone still out there??? I didn’t think so.

edited to add:

I am looking for an excuse to quit. I read (on another blog, ironically) that blogging is self-indulgent. So it makes me wonder why I do it. When we first set it up Craig and I talked about it being interactive with our family but no one else has blogs so it really doesn’t feel that way. We keep in touch with people worse because of it- because everyone knows about our lives but we don’t know what anyone else is up to. And pretty much all I have to offer lately is Devan photos, and sometimes I think I should quit so I can get back in touch with everyone and concentrate on real relationships instead of virtual ones.

This disillusionment happens yearly.


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  1. Well if it is self-indulgent and you enjoy it, then keep it up. Personally I hope you do, but that is selfish on my part-you are a great writer and I enjoy the pix too. Do we need to call more often? We are always afraid we are ‘bothering’ you!mommamarj

  2. i was raised to be modest and rarely, if ever, toot my own horn. that was a no-no in my family (sadly). and sometimes when you’re talking about yourself so much on a blog, that’s what it feels like you’re doing regardless of whether your post is positive, negative, excited about something, disappointed, etc. so i have to fight that feeling that i’m showing off or vying for internet attention or whatever. just keep posting. i would be sad if you didn’t!

  3. Don’t you DARE quit!!! Lets be realistic.. do you really think that this day and age… with people on all sorts of schedules, that we will really comunicate more if we don’t blog? You can’t quit..

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