Medical Emergency (of sorts)


It’s 11:20, my flu has turned into a nasty head cold, and there is not a drop of Ny-Quil to be found in the house. I found a baggie of blue-green gel pills but my hopes were dashed when they turned out to be mere Sudafed. I need the good stuff. So while my saint of a husband is out learning where the nearest 24 hour pharmacy is I thought I would remind everyone to make sure you have a bottle of unexpired Ny-Quil on hand before sick season really ramps up. Because we all know (or you should) that it is the miracle elixir. And I say unexpired because before we moved we decided to pitch any medicine that was more than 4 years past due and all we had left was a small shoebox of worthless stuff like Wal-y-dryl and Morning Sickness Magic and antihistabs and other powerless concoctions. Though given the choice of facing the night with nothing but a glass of cold water or a bottle of Ny-Quil that expired in 2001, I’m sure you know exactly what I would do. Thankfully, my husband is amazing and I don’t have to make that choice. I just have to publish this post and go back upstairs and patiently wait and surely by 12:00am I will be in sweet, sweet drug-induced slumber that should last at least until 5:45am when the little guy decides it’s time for all of us to rise and shine.



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