Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery


..and it’s also just darn cute. Though there have been moments this week that we have been ready to give Devan away (for free!), there have also been moments where I love him more than anything on this earth. He has really been watching us closely lately, and it only becomes obvious how closely when he re-enacts our everyday movements. Like when he picked up the watering pitcher and pretended to water our flowers, and then came and sat on the step next to me. Or when he pretended to squeeze lotion on my legs and rub it in for me. Or when he finds a pair of his shoes and takes them over to the steps and rubs them on his feet. Or when he takes our freshly folded laundry and makes a huge messy pile of it in the basket as he helps me load it up. Really, who needs toys when you have the whole adult world to explore?

I suppose, we might just keep him.

You don’t mind if I unplug this power strip, right?


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