Happiness is a hug.


So I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately but we’ve been really good. Really busy, really happy. I’m still looking to go back to work part time when I find the right job but man, I wouldn’t trade away this time home for the world. The other day Devan cuddled up with me for over an hour and then sat up and looked right in my eyes and did the sign for milk, perfectly, for the first time ever, and then laid his head back down on my chest. It’s like he was saying- “this moment is pretty awesome, Mom, and about the only thing I could think of to make it any better is a nice cold glass of milk.” I got him his milk, and he fell asleep in my arms- just like the old days.

Mmmmm, I sure love that kid.

Devan gives a little toddler love to Elliot, who receives more hugs daily than any rabbit should have to tolerate.

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