A Not So Spooky Halloween


Yesterday was just a beautiful day, and Devan and I took full advantage. He played hard, skipped both naps, and played some more, and things were wonderful. We went on walks, collected leaves, went to the Park with Aunt Karen, played with the neighbors dog, the bunnies, outside some more- he was in the best mood and just oh so happy.

And then Daddy came home.

And then Devan cried.

We tried to put on his costume, which thank goodness was loaned to us (Thanks Lori!) and not purchased and he did this:

And we tried to cheer him up and promise him a yummy dinner and he did this:

And then Daddy picked him up and he did this:

And about 2 minutes later fell fast asleep, at 6:20 pm, with no dinner or bedtime story and most importantly of all- no trick or treating (no candy for Mommy).

So Devan slept through Halloween. Pretty much like last year. Let’s hope next year that I, um he actually gets some candy!


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