Time is relative


5:30 AM this morning, Devan wakes up and starts crying in the sort of tone that lets you know he isn’t stopping until you come and rescue him. Craig and I groggily look at each other and then he reluctantly crawls out of bed to get Devan, remembering that since it is now daylight savings time, it is actually 6:30 AM which, while early, is a perfectly reasonable time to get up.

What’s that? It’s Fall Back?

By the time the fact that he had just gotten up at 4:30 AM registered with Craig, little Devan was already in a fresh diaper, tearing around the living room shouting “Eh-ye-yah!! Eh-ye-yah!”, (That’s Devan-speak for ‘Elliot’… Still no ‘Mama’ but he calls Elliot by name. Nice.) because Elliot had heard all the commotion and decided to come up and join the fun. Towers were built and torn down, books were read, blocks were thrown, and bunnies were hugged all before the sun even thought about rising. So this is a fairly rough account of the morning because I was listening from our nice warm bed.

And guess what little baby was SOOOO tired tonight that I could do nothing to keep him awake past 6:00 PM? I tried everything and he more or less passed out on the carpet. I’m guessing we have another early morning in store for us tomorrow. In fact, we should probably head for bed RIGHT NOW!!!

This whole time change thing is rough. And to think we were naively looking forward to an extra hour of sleep!


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