Catching Up


I’ve been slacking on posting lately, no excuses. I need to get the Thanksgiving pictures uploaded, there are some real cute ones in there. My thought on Thanksgiving is that Craig and I have amazing families that we actually look forward to spending time with! We saw around 80 relatives in three days by my estimation so is it any wonder Devan was a bit out of sorts by the end of it? He did fairly well but I will say the next time we travel overnight with him we will not be paying for a hotel because we are fairly certain we would all get more sleep in the car. We’ll just pick an abandoned parking lot somewhere and every time Devan wakes up we will just start up the car and drive around the block a few times. I guarantee you we will wake up more refreshed than we felt this weekend after our stay at the Hyatt. But you have all already heard me complain about that a few dozen times SO, how about a picture of Devan’s first haircut?

It was an impromptu affair without much fanfare though Craig did think to grab the camera and also to save a lock of hair from the trash can. I just get less and less sentimental as I age. It may not be the best haircut he ever receives, but the mullet is gone and that is the important thing.


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