I’ve totally been putting off writing about this and I’m not sure why. But as many of you know or may be guessing, I’m headed back to work. Full time. Starting Thursday.

The short version is that a fantastic opportunity at a local firm arose and I went for it and got the job. The long version isn’t much longer, except to say that for now this is only until the end of February at which time, well, I have no idea. I may stay, I may not, it isn’t really up to me. It’s up to workloads, and the economy, and how my family is coping, and whether I like the firm, and whether they like me (I know, I know- they will LOVE me) and it is really up to God.

So this is now and I will worry about then later. Now I am excited and relieved and happy because this just feels right.

Well, that wasn’t so hard after all.


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  1. Hey! Congratulations! Good luck! And you know what, you guys can make it without you working and you can make it with you working, so what happens will happen and you can survive and be just fine!Nuts. I thought another baby was on the way.

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