My obligatory whiney winter sick post


I think I was wrong about the poem, by the way. Lots of stanzas, but nothing to make a good poem. Nothing suitable for the PG-rated blog anyway. (Winter just brings out the worst in me, have I mentioned before that I hate winter? I thought so.)

So it has become apparent that with me having no permanent job and the economy being all crappy and all, that a nice two week long trip to somewhere warm and sunny is probably out of the question. It probably never was “in” the question, whatever that means, but it is nice to dream at least. And this week hasn’t even been that cold, but I still can’t help dreaming of sunlight and warm sand and the smell of the ocean…

But back to reality in Overland Park, Kansas and we are all sick. One of the great things about winter is that everyone is sick, all the time. I’m not so bad off myself, but poor Devan has been sick since last Friday. He was horrible Monday- lethargic and just burning up but the started to slowly improve. Craig’s family was kind enough to watch him Tuesday night and give us a much needed break and it seemed like for awhile that he was starting to improve. And then last night he spiked a 103 degree fever and sounds like he is hacking up both lungs. So likely he has earned a trip to the Ped. On top of whatever sickness he has had, he is also cutting in a gazillion teeth at once and so has been a bit out of sorts. And he has been careful to share the full depths of his misery with us. Needless to say, we have been fighting about who gets to go in to work even though neither one of us is feeling all that chipper ourselves.

And this morning as we go about our routine and Devan is still completely conked out in our bed I am realizing how much I miss him! Sure, he is here, but it has been a full week since he has been underfoot and full of energy- jabbering away and busy with all of his little “projects”. Its tough seeing him sick and mopey and I am ready for this to all pass.


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  1. just think of how much more crappy you’d be feeling if Obama had not won. I’d call you, but I’ve been home with the flu and have laryngitis. I’m soo sorry you are all feeling lousy at the same time!love, mommamarj

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