Tidbits II


Yay, new pictures! There aren’t too many of them. The theme seems to be dress-up and most of the pictures consist of Devan sitting in a laundry basket and draping himself with clothes. Or wandering around with a bucket on his head. He also likes to put on my jewelry, wear my shoes, and haul around my purses. Anything to make him feel like he is cool like me. At some point, we will teach him he is a boy and he doesn’t get to wear toenail polish but for now we let him have fun. There are more pictures coming of course, because I named the album 16-20 months and the little guy is not quite 18 months. I am thinking ahead.

While we are on the topic of Devan, he has his tube surgery Monday morning. We are eagerly anticipating this, though we dread being in the car with him for an hour while he yells at us because I didn’t give him any milk or breakfast when he woke up. I should say yells at ME because I believe Craig will be at work, missing out on all the surgical fun. We know Devan really needs these tubes and the procedure is simple and quick but we would still appreciate your thoughts and prayers that all goes well.

After that, we are going to try and stay away from doctors and hospitals for awhile though it seems to just be out of our hands. And please don’t count the dentist because it looks like I will be becoming quite comfortable with the reclining chair as I have all my cavities worked on. I am not saying how many but remember the year I threw a fit because I had four? Yeah. Well. Sigh. I swear to you I brush and floss, even at lunch time. And I have mostly given up my chocolate and sugar but a fat lot of good it did me this year. If this happens again next year I am giving in and getting fake teeth. Or maybe a coating of some sort, if they make such a thing.

Well, I will be posting quilt pictures SOON. They are on Facebook, for all of us cool people who have Facebook and I guess all the rest will have to eagerly wait. Because I know you are just dying to see it. Soon, I promise.


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