A few things


1. There was a duck in our yard this morning.

2. Devan (and his parents) got to visit his grandparents this weekend and see their new baby goats. We’ve got some cute pictures, and hopefully will post them soon. I am considering switching to Flickr rather than Picassa for pictures, so let me know if you have an opinion on this.

3. This blog will be public again soon. I’m guessing all the strangers that were following it are long gone now, plus, my grandmother Pritz can’t read it as is and that is just not going to work. I don’t have a timeline, we are still figuring out some format changes. I may even change where the blog is hosted. Lofty dreams..

4. I have a job.*

*It’s unofficial but mostly for certain so I can’t help but share because I am SOOOO darn excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think it was possible and I’m pretty sure I found the only job in the midwest. We are still negotiating the terms, but I’m going to get my 4 day work week so that’s pretty awesome. It will be official sometime next week and then I’m going to splash it all over the internet because I am really excited and relieved!


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  1. 1) not sure we can compete with baby goats!2) definitely Piccaso–can’t deal with another photo program3) God always provides, and so often blesses us in ways we never even imagine!4)love you allmmmarj

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