Rub a dub


Seemingly overnight, Devan has become terrified, TERRIFIED of baths. The mere mention of the word and he runs to the other parent, the nice one, and grabs on in a tight hold and won’t let go until it is clear that no, we didn’t mean it, let’s go play with toys. If we happen to take him upstairs, closer to the Bath, he grabs tighter and literally starts shaking. By the time we turn on the water he is wailing and panicking, and the look on his face is sheer terror.

It is no fun peeling a naked toddler from the other parents grasp and placing him in the tub where he tries desperately to escape and climb out the entire time. You would think we just threw him in a the polar bear exhibit at the zoo or something, he is just beside himself. We scrub him down for about 15 seconds, and then when he comes out he hugs us again and just lies in our arms, limp and soaking and exhausted from the ordeal (which lasts all over 2 minutes but the misery for all involved is beyond measure).

Tonight we decided to try the shower, because bubbles and bath toys and every other bath gimmick we can think of just isn’t working. As Craig started the shower Devan became so panicked that he grabbed his t-shirt and actually pulled it back on over his head. This kid has a serious aversion to clean.

We don’t really have any other ideas at this point. He gets fairly dirty because we let him have free reign in the yard, so I am not sure we can just forgo baths. They seem like one of those things that are kind of necessary when you are a toddler. But if you saw him in the midst of the bath process, you would report us for abuse because he is THAT terrified of them. Two weeks ago when we said the word his face would light up and he would take off upstairs and start undressing himself, half ready to jump in the tub with his clothes on. I don’t know what happened.

I really hope it’s a phase, otherwise we will be counting down the days until Bluejacket Pool opens and we will just buy a family pass. Unless he is scared of that now too. Then I guess we just have to wait until it rains.

This parenthood thing can be tough sometimes.


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